Goa Quilled frame

Wondering what a “Goa” Quilled frame means??? This is what I mean…

Goa Quilled Frame

I had recently been to Goa and loved the place.. So inspired by the beauty of Goa and to avoid using flowers for my frame… I came up with this idea of creating a landscape on the frame using quilling.. So we have coconut trees on both the sides of the frame…  surrounded by grass and colourful flowers. Have made a small sea gull using brown quilled paper (didn’t want to use white paper on white frame). Our sea gull is in search of food and is approaching the green grass. To complete the landscape, I have made blue clouds and the Sun popping out of the clouds 😀

So this is what I mean by a Goa quilled frame. This frame is perfect for a picture clicked on a beach…

Hope you liked it !!!