Quilled Frame for your betterhalf


We have one more lovely quilled frame to share with you..

2014-02-14 08.51.18

This frame was made way back in February (I know I am quite late in posting it!)… Needless to mention, it was a valentine’s gift :)

For making the frame, initially I thought of using a red frame (red = love), but then thought of using a white frame with red flowers.. and added a few purple flowers… I have used basic quilled flowers with some green creepers to cover the side space..

Since it was a valentine’s gift, I decided to add 2 love birds at the top of the frame.. Unfortunately, I do not have a close up of the love birds, but I have designed the male and female bird a little differently, just to show the gender difference..

I hope you liked the frame as much as the couple did…

I am currently working on an another frame.. again with a white background.. but totally different then all my previous frames since there is not one single flower in it.. Will be posting the pictures soon :)

Lots of love,






Goa Quilled frame

Wondering what a “Goa” Quilled frame means??? This is what I mean…

Goa Quilled Frame

I had recently been to Goa and loved the place.. So inspired by the beauty of Goa and to avoid using flowers for my frame… I came up with this idea of creating a landscape on the frame using quilling.. So we have coconut trees on both the sides of the frame…  surrounded by grass and colourful flowers. Have made a small sea gull using brown quilled paper (didn’t want to use white paper on white frame). Our sea gull is in search of food and is approaching the green grass. To complete the landscape, I have made blue clouds and the Sun popping out of the clouds 😀

So this is what I mean by a Goa quilled frame. This frame is perfect for a picture clicked on a beach…

Hope you liked it !!!



Quilled photo frame using Malaysian flowers..

Hey… Its a quilled photo frame again..

quilled frame

I have made quilled photo frames in the past.. but this one is my personal favourite.. :)

This is my first frame with a white background and I am totally in love with it.. The frame was ordered by a guy to gift it to his better half on their engagement day.. So I had to keep a red colour to depict love.. and a pink because he told me his fiancee loves the colour.. so I decided to go ahead with this combination of flowers.. red and pink  :)

I decided to use malaysian flowers only.. because I personally believe they look royal.. N for the most important occassion of their life.. nothing would look better then these malaysian flowers…

After I posted this picture on facebook and I got one more order for a similar frame…

Initially, I was upset I could not find the same frame.. and I had to settle down with a smaller frame.. But when the frame was ready, I felt it looked better :)


In this frame I have used the same flowers and same colours.. just that the arrangement is a little different..

The frame was to be gifted by a 2 month old baby to his Dadi on her 60th birthday.. So to capture the memory I gave them a complimentary stamped card

stamped cardstamped card

Just hope I get to do some more white frames using different colours… cos I am totally in love with them….


Explosion Box

Hi.. This explosion box is made using a single flap box..Normally, explosion box card is made using a 12*12 inch paper.. However, I have made this box a little bigger in size (i.e. using a 18*18 paper) since I wanted some more space for the quilled flowers..

Explosion boxExplosion box Explosion box Explosion box

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