Accordion card


We have a new product this month.. and its called the Accordion card :)

Accordion card Accordion card

This card has 4 flaps on each sides and a total of 8 flaps.. I have used the card like a mini scrapbook.. Used 3 flaps (2 on the inner side and 1 on the outerside) to stick pictures.. and wrote some memories on the other 3 flaps..

The first flap as you can see is used for the sentiment “U&Me” (couldn’t think of anything else in this romantic month of February)!

The best part about these cards are that they are not just restricted to 8 flaps.. you can add and reduce the number of flaps based on your requirements..

And yes…we would have one more romantic product this month..since its Valentines Day :) In case you wish to know more about the product or in case you wish to gift the product to someone, you can contact us on and we will give you a peep into the product :)

Till then..keep waiting :)

Back with a Bang

Hello guys….

And I am back after a veryyyy long vacation :) And, we had orders pouring in before and after I went on a vacation.. So I promise you to put one post everyday :) And here is why I say I am back with a bang :) :) feedback

Isn’t the feedback cool :) I got this feedback on our Facebook page :)  So here is the order which made Pooja and Riki smile…

flip flap card

The ordered was placed by a Guy to be gifted to his wife on their wedding day.  An order was place for a lovey-dovey flip flap card to be gifted along with a personalised poem for the couple. The third card saying “I have gone bananas for you!” was a complimentary card by to the lovely couple.

So here’s a closer look at the flip-flap card…

flip flap card

Hope you’ll liked the card.. You can now see detailed pictures of the card on our Facebook page.



Flip Flap Card


And we are introducing one more product this month.. and its called the flip flap card

flip flap card 1

(Product Code – GSIFFC001)

Its like the cutest card I have come across till date.. It measures 4*4 inches with three flaps available for writing messages..

flip flap card 2 flip flap card 3

Since the card had three folds, it would open up everytime I took it in my hand.. So I decided to tie it up with a band (Inspired from my friend Nikita Azad). I decorated the front side of the band with white pearls and stamped a “happy birthday” message in the middle. This is for the first time I have made a card using just white paper. And it has turned out to be more beautiful then what I had imagined :)

And immidiately after I put the pictures of this card on our  Facebook page, I got an order for one more flip flap card to be made for a “To be WIFE”

flip flap card 4

(Product Code – GSIFFC002)

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