Accordion card


We have a new product this month.. and its called the Accordion card :)

Accordion card Accordion card

This card has 4 flaps on each sides and a total of 8 flaps.. I have used the card like a mini scrapbook.. Used 3 flaps (2 on the inner side and 1 on the outerside) to stick pictures.. and wrote some memories on the other 3 flaps..

The first flap as you can see is used for the sentiment “U&Me” (couldn’t think of anything else in this romantic month of February)!

The best part about these cards are that they are not just restricted to 8 flaps.. you can add and reduce the number of flaps based on your requirements..

And yes…we would have one more romantic product this month..since its Valentines Day :) In case you wish to know more about the product or in case you wish to gift the product to someone, you can contact us on and we will give you a peep into the product :)

Till then..keep waiting :)

Quilled Birthday card


Hi All.. And today, we have a quilled birthday card to share We have done some quilling to cover the entire front page of the card, with my favourite stamp on the top of the card saying “Happy Birthday”. I have made the flowers using two colours and as you can see, I have then Continue reading →

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One more Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

Hi, And with the wedding season around… jigsaw puzzles are high in demand.. And so we have one more personalised jigsaw puzzle with a single caption saying “I love you” This is a wedding gift ordered by the Girl.. (Looks like the boys are not very enthu about giving gifts :-/) She wanted to keep Continue reading →

Collage Jigsaw Puzzle


So here’s presenting my first international order from UAE :) :) Last time, we had seen a single picture jigsaw puzzle. So this time, just to add some more confusion and to make it a little more fun, I came up with this collage jigsaw puzzle :)

Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

So the jigsaw puzzle is made out of a collage.. This collage jigsaw puzzle was ordered by a Wifey for her lovely husband on their first wedding anniversary :) So to make it a memorable one, I captured some of the best moments.. including those of the wedding day..¬†Also, we have added some cute captions to some of the pictures with a “Happy Anniversary Sweetheart” message right in the top centre.

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