Quilled Frame for your betterhalf


We have one more lovely quilled frame to share with you..

2014-02-14 08.51.18

This frame was made way back in February (I know I am quite late in posting it!)… Needless to mention, it was a valentine’s gift :)

For making the frame, initially I thought of using a red frame (red = love), but then thought of using a white frame with red flowers.. and added a few purple flowers… I have used basic quilled flowers with some green creepers to cover the side space..

Since it was a valentine’s gift, I decided to add 2 love birds at the top of the frame.. Unfortunately, I do not have a close up of the love birds, but I have designed the male and female bird a little differently, just to show the gender difference..

I hope you liked the frame as much as the couple did…

I am currently working on an another frame.. again with a white background.. but totally different then all my previous frames since there is not one single flower in it.. Will be posting the pictures soon :)

Lots of love,






Flip Flap Card


And we are introducing one more product this month.. and its called the flip flap card

flip flap card 1

(Product Code – GSIFFC001)

Its like the cutest card I have come across till date.. It measures 4*4 inches with three flaps available for writing messages..

flip flap card 2 flip flap card 3

Since the card had three folds, it would open up everytime I took it in my hand.. So I decided to tie it up with a band (Inspired from my friend Nikita Azad). I decorated the front side of the band with white pearls and stamped a “happy birthday” message in the middle. This is for the first time I have made a card using just white paper. And it has turned out to be more beautiful then what I had imagined :)

And immidiately after I put the pictures of this card on our  Facebook page, I got an order for one more flip flap card to be made for a “To be WIFE”

flip flap card 4

(Product Code – GSIFFC002)

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Quilled photo frame using Malaysian flowers..

Hey… Its a quilled photo frame again..

quilled frame

I have made quilled photo frames in the past.. but this one is my personal favourite.. :)

This is my first frame with a white background and I am totally in love with it.. The frame was ordered by a guy to gift it to his better half on their engagement day.. So I had to keep a red colour to depict love.. and a pink because he told me his fiancee loves the colour.. so I decided to go ahead with this combination of flowers.. red and pink  :)

I decided to use malaysian flowers only.. because I personally believe they look royal.. N for the most important occassion of their life.. nothing would look better then these malaysian flowers…

After I posted this picture on facebook and I got one more order for a similar frame…

Initially, I was upset I could not find the same frame.. and I had to settle down with a smaller frame.. But when the frame was ready, I felt it looked better :)


In this frame I have used the same flowers and same colours.. just that the arrangement is a little different..

The frame was to be gifted by a 2 month old baby to his Dadi on her 60th birthday.. So to capture the memory I gave them a complimentary stamped card

stamped cardstamped card

Just hope I get to do some more white frames using different colours… cos I am totally in love with them….