Quilled diya’s


The festive season has just begun… and I am already in a mood to celebrate our festivals…

So this time I have come up with these decorative quilled diya’s…

decorative quilled diyas

These diya’s are not made on order.. Have made them just to set the festive season in.. So the good news is that they are in stock and up for grabs :)

These diya’s are made on a wooden base and the wooden base is then painted and decorated using quilled flowers…Since this is something I am trying for the first time, I thought that the diya may just burn the paper around it.. And I am sure, most of the people reading this post would have this concern.. So I tried lighting it up..

diwali diya

This diya was on for more then 5 hours.. and the quilling was intact..

diwali diya

In my view, this can make the best diwali gift :)

You can use choose the size of wooden base you would want to have, colour of the flowers and pattern in which you would like to place them.. These quilled diya’s would definitely make your house décor beautiful and different than the others…

Hope you liked them :)

You can call us on 9833110931 or write to us at giftstation.info@gmail.com for further enquiries.



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