My experience at Za Palooza


I know I havent been posting regularly since quite some time.. But thats because I was busy preparing for my exhibition at Za Palooza.

Za Palooza is an exciting art and music fest organised by Windmills Inc in Pune on October 13, 2013. And because I was a part of this exciting fest.. I am going to share my experiences with you! :)

The groovy art fest organised in Pune targeted fashion conscious, artsy, creative and college going crowd. Za Palooza brought together the best of fashion, art, music and food. It had more than 50 stalls dedicated to art, funky apparels, mind blowing accessories and some really yummy delicacies… Thats not all!!! To add to all the fun, the fest also had an exciting line-up of 10 rock bands performing live.. Isn’t that cool? was also invited to put up a stall up there :) at Za Palooza Exhibition

For the exhibition, I had made a variety of personalised products, such as quilled cards, quilled diyas, glass diyas, quilled photo frames, explosion box quilled envelopes, meander book etc. Have a look at the products on display at the exhibition. - personalised products - Personalised producs

You will soon see a detailed description of all the products I made at the Za Palooza exhibition :)

This was the first time, had participated in an exhibition.. So it was a different experience all together. I was both exited and nervous of what the outcome would be.. But at the end of the day, after receiving feedback from customers of all age groups, I am satisfied and even more confident of the products has to offer :)




6 thoughts on “My experience at Za Palooza

  1. Hi Khushboo. I am glad, I met you there and I must say all of them were very innovative and good products that you handmade. I love handmade & homemade products :). So, would like to feature you in my website. Kindly mail me. Looking forward to meet you soon. All the best. God bless

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