Decorative Diya

With the festive season around.. Here are some decorative diya’s which will look different and ethnic 🙂

Handmade diya Handmade diya Handmade diya

Generally, we use the clay diya’s to welcome the festive season.. but I decided to paint them to give them a ‘glam’ factor.. 😉 To make them look different I got some fancy clay diyas and painted them in a way to ensure that the colour is not washed away by the oil used to light the diya’s..

These diya’s can be used to decorate your house for any Indian festival.. be it Ganpati decoration or Diwali.. Single diya’s can also be used for Aarti decoration…  I also believe that its a good idea to gift these diya’s… Atleast I am going to gift these diya’s to my friends and relatives this year.. They look different from the routine ‘Mithai ka box’ which all your relatives get.. and they look beautiful too 🙂

So gear up for the festive season.. Select a diya of your choice and we will decorate it for you 🙂

You can call us on 9833110931 or write to us at [email protected] for more details.

Decorative diya

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