Congratulations Card!!!!

With the wedding season setting in.. we have a different and unique card just to say “Congrats!!!!” … And hence we call it the Congratulations card!

Congratulations Card

This quilled card is made using a A4 size paper.. The best way to congratulate is by saying “Cheers”.. Hence, I have used two wine glasses using grey quilling strip.. And have shown a few bubbles popping out of the glass.. I have put two hearts on the top, because I made it for a couple.. If this card is to be made for some other occasion (e.g. – clearing an exam, promotion gift etc.), these hearts can be ignored..

Hope you’ll liked the gift as much as I did!



Quilled Birthday card


Hi All.. And today, we have a quilled birthday card to share We have done some quilling to cover the entire front page of the card, with my favourite stamp on the top of the card saying “Happy Birthday”. I have made the flowers using two colours and as you can see, I have then Continue reading →

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Stamped and Quilled card

Hi Folks,

And today we have a stamped and quilled card :)

Stamped and quilled card

I had made this card for the Za Palooza Exhibition in Pune. I wanted to keep the card simple and convey the message in just a few words.

I decided to use lavender card stock as the base because I am for some reason in love with the colour. To make it a little vibrant, I decided to use a combination of blue, red and yellow. I then used white paper to display my message so that it shows up distinctly. Since my message is “Your colourful smile makes my day!”,  I purposely used a white background and not any other colour..just to keep that contrast.

This card was purchased by Prakash Puraswani at Zaa Palooza Exhibition.

Keep smiling :)