One more Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

Hi, And with the wedding season around… jigsaw puzzles are high in demand.. And so we have one more personalised jigsaw puzzle with a single caption saying “I love you” This is a wedding gift ordered by the Girl.. (Looks like the boys are not very enthu about giving gifts :-/) She wanted to keep Continue reading →

Collage Jigsaw Puzzle


So here’s presenting my first international order from UAE :) :) Last time, we had seen a single picture jigsaw puzzle. So this time, just to add some more confusion and to make it a little more fun, I came up with this collage jigsaw puzzle :)

Collage Jigsaw Puzzle

So the jigsaw puzzle is made out of a collage.. This collage jigsaw puzzle was ordered by a Wifey for her lovely husband on their first wedding anniversary :) So to make it a memorable one, I captured some of the best moments.. including those of the wedding day.. Also, we have added some cute captions to some of the pictures with a “Happy Anniversary Sweetheart” message right in the top centre.

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Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle


And this month we are introducing a new and a different product.. a personalised jigsaw puzzle :)

personalised jigsaw puzzle

Yup that’s me with my betterhalf :) Everytime I come up with a new concept, its first made for my lovely husband and only then its available on the website :) Which only means, all products are tried and tested 😉

I have arranged lots and lots of jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid.. and I used to love doing that.. but those were some potraits / cartoon characters which had to be arranged. That’s when I realised that it would be a lot more fun if you had to arrange your own picture with your special someone…

I have made a very simple puzzle just to give an idea. But ofcourse, we can complicate this a bit so that the person arranging it takes some extra time to finish it 😉

Hope you liked the product of the month :)