Back with a Bang

Hello guys….

And I am back after a veryyyy long vacation :) And, we had orders pouring in before and after I went on a vacation.. So I promise you to put one post everyday :) And here is why I say I am back with a bang :) :) feedback

Isn’t the feedback cool :) I got this feedback on our Facebook page :)  So here is the order which made Pooja and Riki smile…

flip flap card

The ordered was placed by a Guy to be gifted to his wife on their wedding day.  An order was place for a lovey-dovey flip flap card to be gifted along with a personalised poem for the couple. The third card saying “I have gone bananas for you!” was a complimentary card by to the lovely couple.

So here’s a closer look at the flip-flap card…

flip flap card

Hope you’ll liked the card.. You can now see detailed pictures of the card on our Facebook page.



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