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Hello People,

I know I am writing after a really long time.. But that’s because we are working on some really interesting projects, some of which we have already shared on our Facebook page and some which we will be sharing very soon.. The product I am sharing today is ‘Love Coupons’

Cover Page 1

Wondering how it works?? Let me tell you.. With the e-commerce market booming, we all must have at one point of time used the Flipkart coupons, Myntra coupons, Jabong coupons.. right? These coupons work somewhat similar, but yet they are a lot more different :)

What you have to do is, just gift it to your partner.. Every coupon has terms and conditions mentioned (which strictly needs to be complied with :P) and has an expiry date as well. So once you gift them to your partner, he / she can redeem the coupon they wish to and whenever they wants to.. but mind you, it has to be redeemed before the coupon expires..

To make things easier, we give you a small example… say you have gifted a ‘Fight called off’ coupon to your partner.. All couples fight and I think its really healthy for every relationship 😉 So you both end up fighting and don’t even feel like talking to each other.. At this point of time, your partner presents the ‘Fight called off’ coupon that you gifted him sometime back.. Now, I know it may be difficult when you’re angry, but you need to call off the fight.. not only you call off the fight, as per the terms and conditions you cannot discuss the topic for at least 48 hours. Not just that, you two have to go our for a dinner at a cute little romantic place… And thats how our coupon works..

Now, ‘Fight called off’ is just one coupon, we have 18 such coupons.. some of which are really naughty and some plain romantic… Not just that, we also give you an option to change coupons and / or get new ones made depending on your partners likes and dislikes.. :)

Also, the coupons come with a cover page and you can design the cover page based on your choice.. Here are a few examples –

Cover Page 2love couponsCover Page 4

Hope you liked the concept.. I am sure with the wedding season setting in this would make just the perfect gift to be given either to your partner-to-be or to your to-be-brides/grooms…

To know more, you can get in touch with us on or call us on 9833110931.

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Working on a project

Hello people,

First of all I would apologise for being out of sight for almost 3 months.. That’s because we are working on a project currently and we do not get enough time to update the blog..

BUT, that does not mean that we are not working on other projects.. We are making a lot of personalised gifts and to save on time we are updating our Facebook page on a regular basis so that all you wonderful people out there don’t miss out anything.

So, request you to please check out our Facebook page whenever you are on our Blog and check out loads of other gifts there.. And yes, please do not miss out on clicking the ‘Like’ button :)

I promise you, I will update the blog will all new products (including the one we are currently working on) at the earliest possible..

Loads of Love,






Quilled Frame for your betterhalf


We have one more lovely quilled frame to share with you..

2014-02-14 08.51.18

This frame was made way back in February (I know I am quite late in posting it!)… Needless to mention, it was a valentine’s gift :)

For making the frame, initially I thought of using a red frame (red = love), but then thought of using a white frame with red flowers.. and added a few purple flowers… I have used basic quilled flowers with some green creepers to cover the side space..

Since it was a valentine’s gift, I decided to add 2 love birds at the top of the frame.. Unfortunately, I do not have a close up of the love birds, but I have designed the male and female bird a little differently, just to show the gender difference..

I hope you liked the frame as much as the couple did…

I am currently working on an another frame.. again with a white background.. but totally different then all my previous frames since there is not one single flower in it.. Will be posting the pictures soon :)

Lots of love,






Waterfall Card

Hello people…

And its time to introduce one of our recent favourite product..the waterfall card..

Waterfall card

This waterfall card is my first card.. and I made it for my dearest husband… I have made the card using distress ink for the very first time.. so all that brown thing that you can see on each of the flaps is distress ink and which I personally feel looks lovely and gives that elegant look to the card.. Since I wanted to use the stamp “we’re the perfect blend”..  I used tea and coffee cups in the other three flaps so that they can go well with my stamp.. and a brown distress ink and a light brown coloured patterned paper to go with the tea and coffee theme..


So the card opens up like this and it has some space to write a short and sweet message.. In case, you dont want to write it yourself..we can stamp it for you :)

Just looking at these photographs would not do justice to the card..and so its a must to have a look at the video to know how exactly the waterfall card operates.. So here’s a look at the video –

Hope you liked the card..

See you soon with some more exciting products..

Till then..think creative..