Flip Flap Card


And we are introducing one more product this month.. and its called the flip flap card

flip flap card 1

(Product Code – GSIFFC001)

Its like the cutest card I have come across till date.. It measures 4*4 inches with three flaps available for writing messages..

flip flap card 2 flip flap card 3

Since the card had three folds, it would open up everytime I took it in my hand.. So I decided to tie it up with a band (Inspired from my friend Nikita Azad). I decorated the front side of the band with white pearls and stamped a “happy birthday” message in the middle. This is for the first time I have made a card using just white paper. And it has turned out to be more beautiful then what I had imagined :)

And immidiately after I put the pictures of this card on our  Facebook page, I got an order for one more flip flap card to be made for a “To be WIFE”

flip flap card 4

(Product Code – GSIFFC002)

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Stamped and Quilled card

Hi Folks,

And today we have a stamped and quilled card :)

Stamped and quilled card

I had made this card for the Za Palooza Exhibition in Pune. I wanted to keep the card simple and convey the message in just a few words.

I decided to use lavender card stock as the base because I am for some reason in love with the colour. To make it a little vibrant, I decided to use a combination of blue, red and yellow. I then used white paper to display my message so that it shows up distinctly. Since my message is “Your colourful smile makes my day!”,  I purposely used a white background and not any other colour..just to keep that contrast.

This card was purchased by Prakash Puraswani at Zaa Palooza Exhibition.

Keep smiling :)



Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle


And this month we are introducing a new and a different product.. a personalised jigsaw puzzle :)

personalised jigsaw puzzle

Yup that’s me with my betterhalf :) Everytime I come up with a new concept, its first made for my lovely husband and only then its available on the website :) Which only means, all products are tried and tested 😉

I have arranged lots and lots of jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid.. and I used to love doing that.. but those were some potraits / cartoon characters which had to be arranged. That’s when I realised that it would be a lot more fun if you had to arrange your own picture with your special someone…

I have made a very simple puzzle just to give an idea. But ofcourse, we can complicate this a bit so that the person arranging it takes some extra time to finish it 😉

Hope you liked the product of the month :)