Meander book

Hi All,

This time I have come up with something that does not involve quilling… Its called a meander book..

Meander book

When I told my friends that its a meander book.. they kept wondering what it means.. Meander book gets its name from the way the paper is cut and folded to make the pages.. This entire book is made by cutting one single sheet of paper and folding it to look like a book!!!

The concept of the book is similar to a scrapbook.. the only difference being they are smaller and cuter as compared to scrapbooks.. It can be used to capture a single event…whereas scrapbooks can be used to capture more pics and messages…

I had gifted these to all my office friends on my last day in office.. So I have stamped the first page with “I miss you”.. The pages behind had all our memories of the  time we spent together, offsites, time pass in office and allllll that funn time!!!!!

This is how the book looks :)

Meander book

Each flap containing the pictures has a hidden pocket which contained messages… Look carefully at the picture (below) and you will be able to see orange and blue papers hidden in the pockets…

Meander book

To keep the books different.. I had stamped some of the flaps with an appropriate message…

quilled-frame6 quilled-frame7

In my view, this is like the cutest gift I have made till date :)

Hope you’ll liked it!!!!

Quilled photo frame using Malaysian flowers..

Hey… Its a quilled photo frame again..

quilled frame

I have made quilled photo frames in the past.. but this one is my personal favourite.. :)

This is my first frame with a white background and I am totally in love with it.. The frame was ordered by a guy to gift it to his better half on their engagement day.. So I had to keep a red colour to depict love.. and a pink because he told me his fiancee loves the colour.. so I decided to go ahead with this combination of flowers.. red and pink  :)

I decided to use malaysian flowers only.. because I personally believe they look royal.. N for the most important occassion of their life.. nothing would look better then these malaysian flowers…

After I posted this picture on facebook and I got one more order for a similar frame…

Initially, I was upset I could not find the same frame.. and I had to settle down with a smaller frame.. But when the frame was ready, I felt it looked better :)


In this frame I have used the same flowers and same colours.. just that the arrangement is a little different..

The frame was to be gifted by a 2 month old baby to his Dadi on her 60th birthday.. So to capture the memory I gave them a complimentary stamped card

stamped cardstamped card

Just hope I get to do some more white frames using different colours… cos I am totally in love with them….


Funky bookmarks


Have a look at these funky bookmarks.. looks like they are ready to eat your books 😛

Bookmark Bookmark

I simply love them.. cos they are very different from the usual bookmarks we have.. I had made these for my boss who loves reading books..

Initially I decided to make quilled bookmarks.. but then I wanted to gift him something that would remind him of me every time he opened a book.. That’s when I decided to make these.. In office, my boss used to call me a “Terror” (apparently I hit and scare people).. So I thought that these monster bookmarks would make a perfect gift.. Also, if you notice it carefully, you will see the red and blue bookmark having spectacles (since my boss wears one!).. just to give it that funky look.. I hope this bookmark would keep reminding my boss of “Terror” 😉

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